Craig Beaver

Singapore Country Manager

Day 1

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

12:40 Panel discussion: Conducting due diligence: How can you ensure that your suppliers are not at risk of damaging your brand?

Evaluating the process of auditing your suppliers before vs. after doing business with them

How can you successfully audit the safety & technical aspects of your suppliers?

How to ensure that suppliers are executing ongoing sustainability points in their contracts

13:20 Interview: From the office to the field: How can you incorporate the principles of sustainability into every decision you take?

Identifying the key tasks and timelines whilst rolling out your sustainable procurement strategy

Evaluating how much of the sustainability strategy is actually being executed by internal & external parties

Outlining the motivation behind sustainable practices: How you can you ensure that every stakeholder is on board?

Who can you partner with to develop innovative sustainability practices?

16:50 Panel discussion: Identifying supplier risk: How can you create an effective supplier risk matrix based on your company’s needs?

What steps do you take in identifying and removing bad suppliers?

How can you mitigate the financial risk with the suppliers?

How can you best maintain the continuity of the current supply base with fewer suppliers?

Evaluating the concept of buying parts of your supply chain to decrease the vulnerability to your supply chain

What are the implications of increasing global uncertainties on your supplier networks & how can you best prepare for them?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Craig.

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